Climate protection

Landschaftsaufnahme eines Tals in den Karpaten im Morgenlicht mit Wiesen und Wäldern
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Your claim.
Our commitment.

As the world’s largest logistics platform for digital construction site disposal, our customers and the environment are particularly close to our hearts. For this reason we rely on 3 pillars for climate protection.
By offsetting CO2 emissions, the waste transports handled by wastebox are climate friendly. Our aim is to protect the environment and provide our customers with outstanding services.

CO2 reduction through...

Digital (transport) optimisation

Through intelligent algorithms and cooperation with regional disposal companies, we have already been able to reduce transport distances when compared to conventional waste management, and therefore lower CO2 by up to 23% per year.
highway crossing from bird´s eye view visualising transport optimization from wastebox
wastebox lorry delivering a skip to a construction site with building in the background and a coworker on the side

Promoting the circular economy

As a nationwide supplier of digital disposal logistics, we offer industry partners the opportunity to efficiently close their materials cycles. We make this possible by providing relevant data for optimising waste management in combination with our know-how. This protects natural resources and the environment.

#3 Climate protection project support

In conjunction with BOKU Vienna we are lending our support to an international climate protection project whose aim is to establish community biogas systems in Gulu, Uganda. The operation of 200 biogas systems for a total of 800 households and schools will help to increase food production.

The biogas systems are based on a collaborative approach in which households support one another. The biogas produced, and the fertiliser, will be shared out fairly amongst the participating households.

Photo credit: Caritas

Together with BOKU Vienna, we support a climate protection project in Gulu/Uganda.
Gemeinsam mit der BOKU Wien fördern wir ein Klimaschutz-Projekt in Gulu/Uganda.