An overview at the press of a button

In addition to the app, you can make use of a handy web portal. All information such as orders, construction site details incl. disposal costs, delivery notes, photos and much more are provided in real time. Without effort, one can thus maintain an overview even when sitting in the headquarters and access all important control figures at the press of a button.

Wastbox Portal

Order skips with ease

  • Specify the site
  • Select the waste type
  • Specify the skip size
  • Specify the preferred time of delivery
  • Request the wastebox
  • Receive a push notification
  • Sign the digital delivery note
  • Rate the service
  • The delivery note and rating are available immediately in the app and web portal
  • Select the appropriate skip
  • Order collection or a replacement
  • Specify the preferred date
  • Done

Receive orders with ease

  • Dispatcher via web portal or driver via app
  • Dispatcher via web portal or driver via app
  • Scan the QR code
  • Photograph the skip
  • Request a signature
  • Complete the evaluation
(all via the app)

Process overview – from start to finish

The core functionality of the system comprises an intelligent IT platform and an app for both end users and disposal partners. The apps support the iOS and Android operating platforms, thus allowing seamless organisation of disposal jobs with just a few clicks. At the same time, orders and jobs are offered to all disposal partners located nearby in real time via the platform.

Order the skip


Order collection/a replacement


Waste types offers disposal of 10 different waste types. This ensures that the right combination is available for pretty much every (construction) requirement. Can’t see your waste type? Please get in touch, and we’ll find a solution for you! currently offers disposal in 2 different container sizes. And we are constantly expanding our range of services.

Please note that higher waste disposal costs will be incurred if waste cannot be separated as stated.

Containers currently offers disposal in 6 different container sizes and different variations (i.e. sludge-sealed body or with door). We are constantly expanding our range of services.


Container: 12m³, 15m³, 24m³ or 31m³


Skips: 7m³ or 10³

Container may be filled as high as the upper edge. This is the only way to ensure hazard-free transport.