Ralf Mittermayr und Hans Roth präsentieren die klimaneutrale wastebox

Construction site waste collected – fully climate-neutral!

wastebox, the digital platform for construction site disposal, is not satisfied with being just environmentally friendly. By offsetting CO2 emissions, this service is now entirely climate-neutral. Cross-border services are now possible.

By partnering with Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), the unavoidably polluting part of of the service – HGV transport – can now be compensated through CO2-neutral projects. More specifically, we are currently supporting an international reforestation project equivalent to the CO2 emissions emitted in North Gondar, Ethiopia. The project involves transferring around 50 hectares of fallow land to coppice. This will not only save around 11,200 tonnes of CO2 through biomass, but also cover local needs for wood and animal feed, enhance biodiversity and protect water and soil.

Thus far, wastebox has been able to lower CO2 emissions by around 23 per cent compared to conventional waste logistics, through smart logistics and cooperation with regional partners. The company is now taking the next step in climate protection. By recording relevant data, such as the number of miles travelled, CO2 emissions from disposal transport can be calculated accurately and offset. ‘For our clients, sustainable, climate-friendly services are essential, as their customers demand ecological solutions,’ explains Ralf Mittermayr, CEO of Saubermacher AG.

Aufnahme des wastebox.biz-Teams am Firmenstandort in Feldkirchen bei Graz.
Zwei Personen beim Aufforstungsprojekt der BOKU Wien in Äthiopien.
Ralf Mittermayr, Hans Roth and the wastebox team Austria.
The reforestation project in North Gondar (Ethiopia).

wastebox has been operating in Germany since 2018. Its customers include the traditional construction industry as well as companies with supra-regional branch networks and developers of prefab housing. The business of the erstwhile franchise partner has been run by Pink Robin GmbH, a joint venture between Saubermacher and Veolia Innové, since mid-2020. This means that wastebox can operate cross-border for the first time. The registered office of the company is in Hamburg.

wastebox operates nationwide in Austria and Germany, as well in the Paris area and other core regions of France. The smart IT system simplifies the organisation of construction site disposal considerably, and offers all of the benefits of a modern online service, without the additional cost. For disposal partners, it removes some of the struggle for orders. wastebox gives you a better opportunity to win orders and increase your capacity utilisation.

BOKU in Vienna, one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions in environmental sciences, is the first university to develop a serious system for offsetting CO2 emissions. By co-financing selected and heavily investigated climate-protection projects in Africa, Asia and South America, private individuals and companies can offset their own climate-relevant emissions. wastebox has recently taken this step and has been climate-neutral since 1 January 2020.

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